Society's Statement of Ethics and Responsibility

(Adopted 11 September 2007)

The Craven County Genealogical Society of North Carolina, Inc. encourages its members to pledge:

As a research genealogist, I will use the information I encounter for historical and genealogical purposes.

I will respect the:

 books and records which I am allowed to examine;

 privacy of the individuals whose information I encounter in my research;

 custodians of the records;

 copyright laws that pertain to work published by other people.

 The Craven County Genealogical Society of North Carolina, Inc. encourages its members to be

responsible and ethical researchers, publishers, and genealogists;

 Be truthful in word and in print;

 Cite primary sources of information such as vital records, court records, eyewitness accounts,


 After careful analysis of secondary sources, such as censuses, transcriptions, books, etc.,

document conclusions with modifiers such as circa, according to, possible, probable, etc.;

 Allow other researchers to test your theories;

 Avoid hearsay and assumptions. Work to prevent misinformation from circulating;

 If possible, publish significant discoveries;

 Acknowledge others who have contributed to your knowledge as a genealogist;

 Publish with written consent of subjects, authors, publishers, and repositories that hold unique


 Embrace the genealogical community. Participate in genealogical, historical and preservation

societies; attend workshops and lectures;

 Engage in acts of genealogical kindness.

Ethical standards consulted: Savannah Area Genealogical Association, International Internet

Genealogical Association, Federation of Genealogical Societies, National Genealogical Society, Board for

Certification of Genealogists, North Carolina Genealogical Society, Inc., Connecticut Genealogical

Society, Inc.